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Looking for a free online data lineage tool? The latest Gudusoft trial policy provides a free trial to the data lineage tool up to 30 days!

Gudu SQLFlow is an automated data lineage tool that specializes in analyzing SQL queries to discover and visualize data lineage that shows the complete data cycle. With its superior ability to thoroughly and in-depth analyze different SQL syntax from multiple database providers, SQLFlow is able to quickly and accurately produce data lineage results from intricate and extensive SQL queries.

When you firstly sign up Gudu SQLFlow, Gudusoft assigns you a 3 days free trial automatically but you will no longer have any access to the premium features if not upgrading to the Premium Account after the 3-days trial. Only login and delete action are allowed for the basic account.

Good news are that You may extend your free Premium Account trial to 30 days by sharing SQLFlow on any social networks or posting any blogs related to SQLFlow. Any comments, discussions, views for SQLFlow are welcome!

Please submit this form if you need to extend your free trial account after sharing SQLFlow.

Visualize your data and generate data lineage with one simple click!

Track Column-Level Data Lineage for more than 20 major databases including Snowflake, Hive, SparkSQL, Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, AWS redshift, BigQuery, etc.Build and visualize lineage from SQL script from query history, ETL script, Github/Bitbucket, Local filesystem and remote databases.Exploring lineage using an interactive diagram or programmatically using Restful APIs or SDKs.
Gudu SQLFlow is widely used in data governance. As a tool of the Industry leading companies, it provides SQL-related data lineage analysis features. You can try it yourself on:

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