Visit SQL statement recursively

This demo illustrate how to find out all kinds of SQL statements in a script quickly. Find out all SQL statements inside a PLSQL block/package/procedure/function; Find out nested subquery in a select/delete/update statement; Find out querys in a union select statement; Find out sub-queries in where clause, select list and etc.

Code in Java:

        TGSqlParser sqlparser = new TGSqlParser(EDbVendor.dbvoracle);
        sqlparser.sqlfilename  = args[0];

        int ret = sqlparser.parse();
        if (ret == 0){
            for(int i=0;i<sqlparser.sqlstatements.size();i++){

    protected static void iterateStmt(TCustomSqlStatement stmt){
        for (int i=0;i<stmt.getStatements().size();i++){

Download this demo: Java version, C# version

If you need to process all elements of a SQL statement, you may use visitor pattern to iterate all parse tree nodes just like this XML demo does.

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