Data Visualization with SQLFlow

Being able to know when the data is changed, how it is modified and who did the update secures your data flow, gives the insights of what strategy your business shall apply and more importantly, helps you to avoid the potential data issues on your business.

You may have encountered the following problems in your daily work:

  • How can I generate ER Diagram from my database
  • How should I easily understand the relationships between my data and get a clear view on it
  • Where does this data error come from? Is there a way for me to easily trace the error source?

Seems all the above issues are pointing to an ultimate final question: How to visualize my data?

By visualizing the data, we can retrieve the output as an ER diagram, a Json/CSV style metadata file or the schema of data lineage.

SQLFlow, a vibrant, out of box data lineage and data visualization analysis tool

Gudu SQLFlow has the ability to analyze complex SQL transimitions and supports more than 20 types of relational and non-relational database. Your business platform can be quickly integrated with Gudu SQLFlow by with Gudu SQLFlow UI, Gudu SQLFlow Rest API, Gudu SQLFlow library or Gudu SQLFlow Widget.

SQLFlow specializes in the field of data analysis for visualization . It empowers the data lineage analysis capability and provide the data visualization solutions for enterprises such as Oracle, SAP, SAMSUNG, J.P.Morgan etc.

Supporting more than 20 major databases and still growing, SQLFlow provides automation in building the lineage no matter where the SQL resides: databases, file system, Github, Bitbucket and etc.

SQLFlow is able to visualize the data with your expected format, based on the input you give(you can either directly connect to database or just give the database log, metadata file), it can generate:

E-R Diagram

Picture file


SQLFlow is designed for

  • Improving data quality, providing the trust in data and escorting corporate decision-making.
  • Regulatory compliance, a complete data trace display to meet the data compliance requirements.
  • Data intelligence, visualization of the data dependencies and locating data at all levels.
  • Empowering your business system, supporting the rapid iteration of the system.

Try the SQLFlow online web tool now and sign up for free!

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