How to use Gudu SQLFlow to discover data lineage from SQL Server database

It is pretty easy to retrieve data lineage from a SQL Server database by using Gudu SQLFlow. Please following those steps and you will get the data lineage in a visual presentation in several minutes.

Gudu SQLFlow discover lineage from SQL Server database automatically

1. Visit the Gudu SQLFlow cloud version

Please sign up to use Gudu SQLFlow.

2. Click the button to open a connection dialog

Click to open a SQL Server database connection dialog

3. Fill in the database connection parameters

SQL Server database connection

You may click the “test connection” after filling in all necessary parameters to make sure your SQL Server database is accessable.

4. Access the data lineage from the Job panel

Gudu SQLFlow will connect to the SQL Server database and retrieve the data lineage for you automatically. Usually, it will be accomplished in several minutes.

Once the data lineage is ready, please click the “Job list” icon on the left side and double click the job you just created to see the data lineage.

or click the lineage detail icon:

and you will see

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