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(Ver4.2.1 Updated: 12-10-2023)


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SQL formatter add-in for SSMS

1. What is SQL Formatter/Beautifier

A SQL formatter is a piece of software that accepts a SQL script or query as input and formats the SQL to produce a nicely formatted result while maintaining the integrity of the underlying SQL semantics. Put another way, when executed against a database, the prepared SQL and the original SQL will produce the same results.

The terms SQL beautifier, SQL prettier/prettifier, SQL tidy, and SQL identifier are other names for the SQL formatter. Enhance SQL readability and make your SQL query easier to read and manage is what all those tools fundamentally achieve.

You don't need to install any software on your PC to use an online SQL formatter. Alternatively, you can install a desktop version of SQL formatter on your PC to operate without an internet connection. To make it easier to use in daily work, several SQL formatters can be connected with SQL tools like Microsoft Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio.

SQL Formatter/Beautifier Features

A good SQL formatter/Beautifier will typically have the following characteristics:

  • Provides lots of format/beautify options.
  • Format SQL even the SQL is syntax invalid or incompleted.
  • Provide command line options to format sql in batch.
  • Provide APIs so can be integrated into other tools such as version control tools.
  • Embed formatted SQL in Html/Java/C# and other programming languages.

2. SQL Formatter/Beautifier and various databases

SQL syntax varies depending on the database. Here is a good article talks about detailed information about SQL syntax. A good SQL formatter/beautifier should be able to process the SQL syntax of various databases in order to format SQL of diverse database types.

Another useful feature of a good SQL formatter/Beautifier is formatting stored procedures, such as Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures and Oracle PLSQL stored procedures. When a stored procedure has more than 100 lines, it can often be challenging for a team of SQL users to rapidly understand the process or function without the aid of a SQL formatter or beautifier.

If you're looking for a SQL formatter/Beautifier tool, you may evaluate how well it performs with various databases—especially the one you're using—by performing the following SQL queries in the github gist that we provided for you. The target database's unique SQL syntax is being used in those SQL queries.

Sample SQL for well-known database providers

3. SQL Minifier

In my opinion, SQL Minifier is essentially a feature of SQL Formatter that helps SQL developers compress and minimize the size of the SQL by minifying SQL queries and scripts.

When using the compact mode on the Instant SQL Formatter, the formatted SQL output will be in compact mode and the SQL query/script size will be reduced. Each output line's maximum length can be specified.