Praise for SQL Pretty Printer

“ Great software! Thank you for creating it and offering it at an affordable price. ”

— Andrew Borden


“ I like SQL Pretty Printer. You should try to sell your product to Microsoft. ”

— Paul Ramone


“ Yes I really liked the software and compared to few others. This is one nice software which gives a lot of flexibility. ”

— Nidhi Khullar


“ I’ve been using SQL Pretty Printer for awhile and find it particularly helpful for making sense of others’ code by quickly formatting it so it is much more readable. ”

— Le Seaman


“ Thank you for the prompt reply. I am happy with your software. ”

— Randy Johnston


“ Great service and great product. ”

— Eric Gurney


“ This new version 3.25 looks great. I spend a lot of time in SSMS and PP is very helpful. ”

— Andrew Hammer


“ I have been recommending your product to my customers who use SQL and so far everyone has been very impressed. When I sit down with current and potential clients to review the data and how they currently run their reports I almost always find myself referring people to your website. ”

— Tiffany T. Long


“ Thank you very much for implementing my request! I am thoroughly enjoying using your program and this will make it all the more useful to me. ”

— Andrew Wilson


“ I recommend this product to all the developers I work with it. This is a very handy tool and time saver. The developers that don't use the tool on my team their SQL code looks unprofessional. Ever since I began using this tool my code shines because its so well formated. ”

— Matthew Elgert


“ First off the very idea of this program makes me smile I would normally say to other programmers, you have no idea how much tidy looking code makes me happy' but I feel you know EXACTLY how I feel about making SQL readable. Thank you for providing such an excellent product. I wish you every success. ”

— Andrew Dixon


“ I really like the tool. Where the SQL Pretty Printer program has come in very handy is when I need to format some code that *really* needs some formatting :) You know, the SQL in which some decided it was good to just type everything on 1 line :) Overall, I really like the product. ”

— Andy Torgerson


“ We love SQL Pretty Printer! We find it very useful not only for writing our own SQL but also to help 'decipher' other people's hand-crafted SQL (or even machine-generated). It is especially useful where we are dealing with a complex query. ”

— Eduardo Garca-Prieto


“ I am very impressed with your SQL formatter. I have always found that good setting out of code helps anyone who has to maintain it to understand the logic. I cannot abide messy code with keywords and variables scattered around like a mad dog's breakfast! Congratulations on a great application. ”

— Arthur Locke


“ I used your tool to indent a couple of automatically generated SQL queries for analysis and it helped me out perfectly. ”

— Eelco de Lange


“ So far it seems fairly useful to pass queries between developers. Everyone seems to understand my code better. ”

— Fred Hoecker


“ We currently own a site license for the SSMS add-in and are using it with SQL Server 2005 and LOVE IT ”

— Karen Martinez


“ I'm using SQL pretty print everyday and I find it a tool that I cannot miss anymore. ”

— Tom Pester


“ Sweet thanks. I love the product. Keep up the great work! ”

— Tony Duck


“ I have been using the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) version of the SQL Pretty Printer utility and find it is very useful most of the time. ”

— Waldvogle, Gene G.


“ I found your program quite superior. I already purchased it. I work a full time software engineering job and have built several of my own ecommerce businesses in my spare time, and I must say that this tool has already, in the short time I've been using it, really helped me to keep get code a lot cleaner. ”

— Wesley Snider