Snowflake data lineage tool

Snowflake is a cloud-based data management platform that provides enterprises with a flexible, scalable architecture for effective data collaboration.

Gudu SQLFlow can connect to the Snowflake database via its own connection. It can automate metadata discovery to deliver a complete, detailed overview of data flows in the Snowflake database. Using this information, Gudu SQLFlow creates a detailed visualization of the data lineage in JSON format that can be pushed into any third-party metadata management solution or viewed in Gudu SQLFlow’s native visualization.

When planning migrations, implementing DataOps, or preparing for a compliance audit, Gudu SQLFlow can help teams extract more value from their Snowflake database.

Snowflake data lineage Gudu SQLFlow

Gudu SQLFlow currently scans Snowflake database

  • SQL scripts
  • View
  • Stored procedures in Snowflake Scripting
  • Data dictionaries
  • External table
  • Copy into

Discover data lineage in the Snowflake database in 3 minutes

snowflake data lineage tool

What data lineage is important?

Data lineage helps you know data complexity and gives you a full overview of how your data moves across systems, including where it originated, how it transforms along the way, and how it’s interconnected. Such an overview will help you boost your data governance efforts, increase overall trust in data, achieve full regulatory compliance, accelerate root cause and impact analyses, roll out our frequent bug-free releases, painlessly migrate to the cloud, and more. 

Why choose Gudu SQLFlow?

Gudu SQLFlow automated SQL data lineage analysis across Databases, ETL, Business Intelligence, Cloud, and Hadoop environments by parsing SQL Script and stored procedure. Depict all the data movement graphically.

It supports more than 20 major database types and still growing, including AWS Athena, Google BigQuery, Couchbase, Dax, DB2, Greenplum, SAP Hana, Hive, Impala, Informix, MDX, MySQL, Netezza, odbc, OpenEdge, Oracle, PostgreSQL, presto, AWS Redshift, Snowflake, Spark SQL, SQL server, Sybase, Teradata, HP Vertica.

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